Vanish Ancient Culture Heritage

In the world there’s only one nations having culture, mores and linguistic multifarious that is Indonesia “the country of 1001 islands”. If you observed, almost in all states in the world only had 1 traditional clothes and vernacular that is a few, but if here almost every island has traditional clothes, even is every island to have ethnical different terms having ancient culture.

Until now variety of the culture there are still, even would continuously increase other cultures because this country has a real typically, that is “plagiat” or faker. All cultures from other country is adopted here, and little by little foreign culture of that will shift traditional culture in this country. This nation assumes local culture like “wayang” or puppets, “gamelan” or called as Java traditional music, and traditional dances have been ancient and old fashion. They conceitedly receives foreign culture like salsa dance, capuelera and other as “new toys” which must be developed and assumed to be very modern. Though the foreign culture for its country of origin is also assumed ancient mores, but the difference if in other country still be developed, even is popularized to countries which the nation unable to esteem, even not proud with its culture like beloved country of Indonesia.

For example, in public road in European still many “street musician” what brings apply their traditional music equipments, possibility that because they are real actor, so that difficult to forget traditional masterpieces of their nation. While in this republic countries, young children almost always refrains from listening oscillation of traditional musics. As in Junior High School 6 in Yogyakarta when I still at school over there, music art teacher always wish to teach way is playing traditional music equipments to their students, minimum tries feels once plays it, because that moment of my friends am including myself lazy if it is ordered plays ancient castanets. While now in that school, had not seems to be again equipments of ancient music, so that students now will not have experience is trying that historic music equipments, how will feel sees is just have never.

There is sentence “The big nation is state esteeming his son of the nation swan song”, hopefully this sentence not only becomes discourses that is of no use, but in the future can be realized by our own nation


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